Fitness Experts


Dee Jackson

Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Management Consultant

IFBB  Pro Figure Competitor ~ Fitness Model ~ First American and African American to win the Arnold Classic Master Overall in 2017 at age 46, and 6 months later earning a Pro Card with the International Federation  of Bodybuilding and Fitness. 

Specializes in functional training, strength and conditioning,

weight management and custom meal planning.

I created FitNation to be is more then just workout plans. We are assisting our clients in developing a healthy mindset, along with healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.

I was born on May 31, 1970.  I have discovered that the fountain of youth is found in regular exercise and good nutrition. Getting healthy has changed my life in so many ways. I want to share my 

success with others, and motivate those who have the aspiration to become a better, 

stronger version of themselves.

“The best sermon is a good example "


Hayley Whitley


NPC Competitor 

Collegiate Athlete

National Women in Sports Award recipient 

My fitness journey started when I challenged myself to become an overall better athlete my senior year of college. I was strong, but I was not very functional. I certainly did not have the knowledge of how to properly fuel my body to perform my absolute best. I was overweight and decided to make a lifestyle change. I began to implement functional training and strength training into my everyday routine. My focus on nutrition helped me shed weight. That is where my passion for fitness started. 

I became a certified trainer through AFPA, and finished my Master’s in nutrition from The University of Integrative Health Maryland post graduating from Wingate University with a Bachelor’s degree. Shortly after earning my Master’s I became a part-time trainer, an anatomy teacher, 

and physical fitness teacher. 

I am an avid believer in teamwork, and doing whatever it takes to make you successful in reaching your goals. 

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about your personal journey and being better than you used to be” 


Jesse Boyce - Online Trainer/Coach

Jesse Boyce


I have a BA degree from UNCC and master’s degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition.  I’ve been certified in strength and conditioning since 2007. Coaching is where I’ve developed my passion for health & fitness and discovered a sincere love for helping others. I also served my country in US Coast Guard.

As an athlete, I am a Men’s Physique competitor, and member of the National Physique Community, the largest bodybuilding federation in the world, and actively compete in powerlifting and CrossFi competition. 

I enjoy acquiring knowledge and experiences that will help me in understanding human anatomy & physiology.  My thirst for knowledge continues to helped me become a better personal and functional trainer and coach. 

“Helping people on their journey toward health and fitness, no matter what stage they are at, has always been a passion of mine.” ~ Jesse